Uncle Owen's would love to help you with firearm transfers from internet purchases or private party transactions.  We charge $15.00 for the required background check and $15.00 for the necessary transfer documentation for a total of $30.00.  Each additional firearm is $5.00.  Please contact us by email, uncle.owens@yahoo.com, or phone, 303.898.9018 (Jason) if you have any questions.  You can also text message if you prefer.  We would love the opportunity to earn your business.

Proper Identification is required. 

You will need to provide a valid government issued ID.  A driver's license will work.  It must contain your current address in the front.  Writing it on the back works for Colorado, but it does not meet the requirements of the federal government for form 4473.  If your address is not current, have no fear you will just need an additional form of ID.  You can use a current vehicle registration, a Colorado resident fishing license, or any other type of government issued ID that is not expired and shows your name and current address. 

High Capacity Magazines

We think some of the gun laws in Colorado are misdirected, but we are doing our best to make it easy for you to make legal transfers until we get this mess straightened out.  Please keep in mind that we can not transfer or sell magazines which exceed 15 rounds in capacity, so don't bring them or have them shipped here.  This includes magazine "kits" or "popped" magazines. 

We are listed on several websites as an FFL for transfers including www.gunbroker.com, CDNN Sports, Bud's Guns, Palmetto State Armory, Independence (In Texas),  Classic Firearms and many more.  Let us know if we should add another one.  If your vendor is not listed, simply send their email info to us at uncle.owens@yahoo.com.  We do not use fax, so we will need an email address for the seller that you are using. 

My hours are by appointment only.  I usually do transfers between 5:00pm - 7:30pm Mon-Sun.  I do my best to be available to sign for incoming packages, but I do occasionally miss a shipment and have to wait for re-delivery or pick it up.  If timing is the primary concern or of great importance to you, I would recommend that you consider using a different FFL for your transfers.  I have links to some retail locations below:


Pony Express Firearms, Parker

Centennial Gun Club, Centennial

Warhorse Guns, Littleton